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Home Security: Modern Ways to Beat Burglaries
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Home Security: Modern Ways to Beat Burglaries

To protect your home from unnecessary break-ins, you need to equip it with efficient security measures at all times. Due to the fact there are a wide variety of security options available out there, choosing the right one for your home or property can be a bit tricky.\n\nTo help you out, we at Assegai Security strongly recommend you try using the following modern security solutions:

1. Use Automatic Light Timers

Install automatic light timers in every room and set them to turn on and off in a way that simulates your living pattern. Most modern digital timers allow you to vary when lights go on and off from day to day – this is ideal, as standard analogue timers can easily become predictable. Timers that have more than one on-off cycle are capable of creating illusory motion from room to room.

2. Remote Viewing

A properly installed remote viewing system allows you to monitor everything going on around your home from anywhere on earth as long as you have a strong and reliable Internet connection. This technology works well with smartphones, laptops, and personal computers. Our experienced installers can install software and teach you how to use it so that you can always feel safe wherever you are.

3. Install an Alarm System

At Assegai Security Solutions, we not only supply a wide range of state-of-the-art alarm systems that you can always rely on, but also provide high-quality installation services. To make your home more secure, we can link your monitored or perimeter alarms to an effective Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that will alert the local police or fire brigade in case of any intrusions. We can link your alarm system to ARC via your telephone line or GSM network. In addition, we provide expert advice on how you can use and maintain your alarm new systems.

4. Install a CCTV Camera

Having been in business for more than 20 years, we pride ourselves in providing very advanced CCTV cameras. After buying a CCTV camera from us, we dispatch a team of highly-skilled technicians to deliver install the system for you. Once you have a CCTV set up, burglars will always think twice before invading your cherished home.

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