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Tips to Improve Your Home Security
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Tips to Improve Your Home Security

In addition to investing in tailored home security systems to deter intruders, there are multiple other steps you can take to add an extra layer of protection to your home. We all want to feel safe in our homes and a few simple changes can go a long way in giving you that peace of mind. Here at Assegai Security, we have put together a list of handy home security tips that you can implement any season of the year with instant effect.

Home Security Tips: Avoid Advertising Pets

You’re probably very familiar with those signs that read “Beware of The Dog”; whilst these may go some way in deterring those afraid of dogs from entering your home, they are not always an effective measure of home security and can, in fact, heighten your risk. Burglars are very aware that pets are much easier to pass than security alarms that can be triggered by a slight movement.

By using these signs, it can often be easy to assume that no other effective measure of security is in place, with the homeowner placing their trust in their pet to alert them. Remember that if you have a pedigree, advertising this can also increase your risk of unwanted intruders entering your home.

Change Your Locks

There are lots of things to consider when moving home, but home security should never be too far down the list. The process of moving can be very expensive and adding other outgoings on top can sometimes seem unnecessary. However, changing the locks on your new property will leave you certain that no one else has access to your property.

Separate Your Letter Box

Have you ever considered your letterbox as an easy way for intruders to reach the inside handle and lock of your front door? If you keep your keys close to your front door or even inside the lock of your door, it can be very easy for those wanting to access your home to reach inside and use these keys to enter very discreetly, with no loud disturbance.

By attaching a separate letter deposit box to the outside of your home or caging in your letterbox, you can avoid wandering hands reaching hands into your home.

If you are looking to update the security systems in your home and require home security tips and advice from a professional domestic and commercial security supplier, the team at Assegai Security can help. Contact our friendly team today on 03301333300.