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How to Remaining Compliant with CCTV Laws
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How to Remaining Compliant with CCTV Laws

CCTV cameras may be used on-premises used for both business and domestic use, helping individuals protect their land and the contents of their property. However, there are multiple CCTV laws and guidelines to follow, to ensure the way you are using the cameras does not conflict with the privacy of others.

Domestic Properties

Anyone has the right to use CCTV cameras on their own property, free from the guidelines of the Data Protection Act. However, if the cameras capture spaces that extend beyond the parameters of the land you own and to someone else’s property or a public area, certain actions should be taken to ensure you are not in breach of the DPA.

The owner of CCTV equipment should ensure that its use is directly proportional to what is wanting to be achieved by the implementation of the cameras. Further to this, the equipment must only be used for a lawful, intended purpose, with appropriate safeguards put in place to demonstrate reasonable care has been taken to ensure that no other use has been intended.

Safeguards can be as simple as informing those you live with not to misuse the equipment, but you may want to consider the implementation of further resources so that you can easily demonstrate that the cameras are not intended to be misused.

Before introducing CCTV cameras to your home or business premises, you may want to allay any concerns your neighbours may have by inviting them to view the images the cameras will be picking up.

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