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What is a Perimeter Protection System?
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What is a Perimeter Protection System?

The safety of your family is paramount. And, this is the reason you should think about installing a perimeter protection system. We offer perimeter protection systems for both commercial and residential settings, and these systems provide the much-needed peace of mind to the homeowners.\r\n\r\nThis is a protection system that is installed around the property. Our technicians, who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field, install motion sensors and wireless vibration sensors to windows and doors located on the ground floor of the property. The sensors detect intrusion and activate an alarm before the intruder can gain access into the property.\r\n

Why Opt for a Perimeter Protection System?

\r\nIf you do not have a perimeter protection system, a burglar or intruder may get inside your house undetected. We have listed down a few benefits why this protection system is a must for homes:

• Using motion sensors and window vibration sensors, the system prevents an intruder from gaining entry into a house or commercial building

• It provides early warnings when an intruder is trying to break in, giving the homeowner the time required to call for assistance or take other safety measures

• It offers peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and secure at nights

At Assegai Security, we are experts in the field of wire-free security alarms and perimeter protection systems. We offer high-quality perimeter protection systems that come equipped with a CCTV system and are suitable for homes and businesses across the South East and the Midlands. Before installing the security system, we conduct a security audit and offer advice to our customers to ensure they make an informed decision when choosing the right perimeter protection system. We take care of the installation and provide training manuals and detailed explanation on the working of the system. We also offer support to our customers when requested. The installation is done by our highly skilled and experienced in-house engineers, and we take care of all the maintenance associated with your perimeter protection system. Call us today to discuss your needs and we will help you choose the perfect perimeter protection system to ensure the safety of your loved ones and property.