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Why Burglaries Rise In Winter & What You Can Do?
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Why Burglaries Rise In Winter & What You Can Do?

Burglaries, thefts and break-ins are always a huge concern for homeowners and business owners alike – but despite a trend for falls in overall crime figures, local police forces generally see a rise in this kind of crime in the winter months.\n

Why Does Crime Always Rise In Winter?

The good news is that, due to effective policing and greater awareness of crime risks, burglary rates have shown a general trend of declining – reported burglaries have fallen by just over 40% in the last year, down from almost 900,000 in 2003 to just over 500,000 at the end of 2012. That said, local police forces generally see a spike in crime in the autumn and winter months due to a multitude of reasons – businesses trade more in the run-up to Christmas, so have far more stock stored, and homes are full of new bits of technology which are attractive to burglars. Perhaps one of the most significant reasons is due to the weather – with the days being shorter (sunset sooner and sunrise later), there’s far more opportunity for potential intruders to use the cover of darkness to carry out thefts. Criminals do not like to be seen, and the darkness provides ample cover for them to carry out crimes undetected.

What Can You Do To Curb The Risk of Being A Victim?

\nThere are a number of steps that both businesses and homeowners can take in the run-up to the darker and shorter days of winter to ensure improved security and a reduced risk of being a victim of crimes such as burglaries. Business can carry out some of the following steps:\n\n• Install CCTV, alarm and security lighting technology\n• Boost in on-site presence – either more staff or dedicated security guarding\n• Physical barriers – roller shutters, security fencing, secure locks etc.\n\nThe advice for homes is somewhat similar, but on a smaller scale.

Steps could include:

• Burglar alarms provide security and a clear visual deterrent.

• Throw away boxes for new equipment (e.g. TVs, laptops) so they’re out of sight.

• Motion-activated security lights remove the cover of darkness

• Set up timers on lights/lamps/radios to come on around sunset or if you’re out.

If you’re looking to step up either your home’s or your business’s security this winter to avoid being another statistic in the rising burglary figures, then contact us here at Assegai Security for information on how we can help. We can provide a range of security services for both the domestic and commercial markets to provide a comprehensive solution designed with your needs in mind. Whether you need a simple burglar alarm or want to invest in a CCTV camera system as both a deterrent and for the record, then you can count on us. With decades of experience and a wealth of industry expertise, we can provide a comprehensive service from the advice and consultation right through the installation and aftercare.