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Winter Security Tips for Your Property
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Winter Security Tips for Your Property

With the nights drawing in, many people become concerned about the safety of their property, particularly if they are away until late in the evening. As experts in our field, here at Assegai Security, we know there are a lot of things you can do that will help to provide the peace of mind that your home is protected. Read our latest blog post for some top home winter security tips.

Use Timers Effectively

Lighting timers can be used for both inside and outside lights and are not only a great way to make it appear as though someone is in your home, even if they are not, they can also effectively light up dark alleyways or doorways, making it difficult for thieves to hide. Small winter security tips such as this often act as a great deterrent.

Close Gates

Although this measure may sound simple, anything that makes a home seem more difficult to gain access to is off-putting to a burglar. Consequently, even small gates that only reach hip height still act as a barrier and another obstacle to cross when escaping a property. Ensure that your home is protected by making sure that any gates or fences that surround your home are intact and shut.

Don’t Hide Keys

Placing your keys under a stone or mat may seem like a handy idea, however, burglars are also aware of this. Don’t risk a burglar gaining access to your keys, simply by overturning objects that are near your front door on the off chance. When a burglar doesn’t have to use force to enter a home, finding the culprit can often become even more difficult, which can add even more stress to your case. If you have to leave a key for someone you know to enter your home, consider leaving it with a nearby, trusted friend or neighbour.

We hope these simple winter security tips have been helpful. Here at Assegai Security, we have been working with individuals to add extra layers of security to their home or business for many years. With a wide range of alarm and home security systems available, let our trusted team advise you on the most appropriate systems for your personal requirements. Contact us today by calling  03301333300. Alternatively, please head over to our online enquiry form.