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High-Quality CCTV Systems

CCTV systems may have come a long way since the company was opened back in early 2000, but the company ethos has remained the same and our customers will always remain the driving point of Assegai Security Solutions. Assegai CCTV surveillance systems are renowned for their ability to allow the owner access to their system remotely via the internet on a secure encrypted site. This allows for 24-hour monitoring and access anywhere in the world. Based on the selected electronic, wireless, security and detection systems supplied, competitive pricing is assured! You can feel confident that you will receive exceptional service and the very best value for money when choosing Assegai for CCTV installations.

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CCTV Installation

Our team of experts are there to design, install and keep your CCTV systems running effectively. We also offer services in helping to improve a system you may already have installed. Locally we are the premier CCTV installation specialist covering the South East and the Midlands. Once you have a CCTV system, your chances of someone intruding are greatly reduced. It is known that camera systems are by far the most popular form of security available to people. Studies show that there are large reductions in crime rates where a visible camera has been installed. An article published by ‘New Scientist’ has shown that CCTV installations can reduce crime by over 95%. Our own clients confirm that they too see these levels of results.

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What happens when an alarm is activated?

If the alarm is triggered, either by monitored alarms or CCTV cameras, your Assegai security system will send a signal – using either the phone line or via GSM. Within moments of receiving the signal, the registered Alarm Receiving Centre will confirm the burglar alarms system. If necessary the Alarm Receiving Centre can alert the required emergency services. ARC will attempt to contact key holder.

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CCTV Cameras

Don’t forget that Assegai Security Solutions also provide standalone CCTV cameras, whether as an upgrade for non-camera burglar alarms or to add additional coverage to an existing security system. Providing high-quality CCTV cameras from leading suppliers such as HKC and Hikvision bring high-quality products you every installation. Whether you require a dome camera, housed body camera, bullet camera or any other camera for your CCTV system, Assegai Security can supply and install everything to meet your requirements. We are the first choice for CCTV surveillance products in the area, supplying a wide variety of CCTV camera models for every requirement possible – so just contact us today to find out more!

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