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A Guide to Maintaining Your CCTV Systems
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A Guide to Maintaining Your CCTV Systems

A CCTV system is one of the most effective methods of protecting a property around the clock, providing an extra layer of security and added peace of mind. Working day and night to provide 24-hour monitoring, CCTV cameras are an essential part of home or business security, which is why it’s so important to keep them in full working order.

How do you maintain a CCTV system?

As well as acting as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders, security cameras provide a high quality video feed which allows you to keep a close eye on your property via your smartphone or other device, even when out of the country. 

Investing in an annual service will enable an engineer to carry out yearly checks on your CCTV to find and fix any faults. Meanwhile, a regular maintenance plan will include more frequent visits to your site, and is the best way to ensure your CCTV system always works efficiently and reliably, so you never miss a thing.

Preventative maintenance enables an engineer to quickly spot issues between annual service visits that could develop into more serious problems over time. This not only ensures you can rely on your security system, but also helps avoid expensive repairs or emergency call-outs in future. 

What does a CCTV service include?

As part of an annual service, an engineer will carry out the following checks in line with manufacturers’ guidelines;

  • Inspect all components and connections for damage
  • Test control equipment
  • Examine cabling and power supplies
  • Check time and date settings
  • Clean cameras, lenses and housings
  • Check bolts and brackets are secure
  • Check camera and alarm presets

By carefully examining the complete system, an engineer can ensure your CCTV is fully operational, and quickly repair any issues that could impact the performance of the cameras or control equipment.

How often should a CCTV system be serviced?

We recommend an annual service to keep your security monitoring system working effectively. This will be completed in a single visit to minimise disruption to your home or business.

Maintenance plans differ depending on the size and complexity of each system, so the frequency of site visits will vary according to each individual maintenance schedule. With packages to suit all budgets, it’s easy to spread the cost of maintaining your CCTV. 

How do you inspect CCTV?

Packed with more technology than ever, and often linked to other security products like alarms, CCTV systems are complex and maintaining them requires skill and expertise. We always recommend speaking to an expert when your surveillance cameras need maintenance or servicing, to ensure that your system remains in full working order. You can feel confident that your security monitoring system is in safe hands with the experienced engineers from Assegai Security.

To find out more about our CCTV maintenance packages, or to book an annual service, get in touch via our contact form or by calling 03301333300.