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How to Prevent Burglaries in Your Business
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How to Prevent Burglaries in Your Business

Whether you own a million-pound business or a small local store, break-ins are never good. You have put both money and time into your business so for someone to go in and take your property, can be disheartening. This blog should give you some tips on what you can do to deter criminals from stealing from your business.

Why Do They Happen?

Unlike other crimes that may happen due to an impulse, burglaries are usually carefully thought out and planned. Naturally, thieves don’t want to be caught, which is why retail businesses are more likely to be broken into at night. This allows them to get in and out quickly and escape before the police get there.

Since burglars don’t want to get caught, they will target businesses that are convenient and store valuable goods inside. Burglars will usually look for businesses in isolated areas and have poor security features such as low lighting, no window bars or lack of formal security systems.

Once a business has been burgled once, this puts them at risk of being burgled again, this is because it will be seen as an easy place to get into and other people see it as an opportunity. However, there are things you can do which prevent your business from being burgled in the first place or again by making it much less appealing.

Security Tips

  • Make sure you add in some form of security device to deter criminals, as this increases the chances of them getting caught. This could be a CCTV system or a burglar alarm, or both would be an even better option.
  • Invest in some new lighting. Burglars what to go unseen, by getting some proper sensor lighting around your business increases the risk of them getting caught. This will make them reconsider entering your business, especially if it’s in a busy area.
  • Make sure wheelie bins are tucked away somewhere safe. Burglars can use these to enter your business via the first floor which people usually don’t secure as well as the bottom.
  • Move high-value items when the shop is closed. You can move them away to a back room if possible or just moving them away from the view of the window would be good too. Burglars want to be in and out as quickly as possible, they don’t have time to waste looking for items.
  • Doors and windows are especially vulnerable and if nothing is used to protect these entry points, break-ins could be very easy. Adding window locks, shutters or bars are great deterrents.
  • Prune any overgrown bushes or trees, this works in the same way as the lighting. It increases the chances of the burglars being seen therefore reducing the chances that they will attempt to enter the property.
  • Add a smoke generating device. These machines are designed to release smoke into the room when there is any unauthorised entry. They will reduce the burglar’s sight so it will take them longer to exit the property by which time the police will hopefully be there.

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