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Christmas Safety Tips for the Home
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Christmas Safety Tips for the Home

At Christmas time, we often fill our homes with many gadgets, gizmos and sentimental items, ready to give to our loved ones on Christmas. Of course, burglars are all too aware of this, which means that crime rates also often peak around this time of year. In the latest blog post by Assegai Security, we discuss Christmas safety tips to keep you and your home secure.

Hang Festive Lighting Appropriately

If you plan to hang festive lighting on the outside of your home, be sure to opt for solar or battery powered lights, over those with a plug. Opting for these lights will avoid the need to feed plugs and cables through your windows, which can often mean leaving the window ajar, making it much easier to gain entry to your home.

Dispose of Rubbish Carefully

We all know that we should shred our personal mail, such as bank statements and anything that identifies your personal details. However, over the Christmas period, rubbish and recycling collections are often at irregular times. To avoid advertising your new purchases to thieves, take your waste to a recycling point, or only put it out just before your collection date and try to fold any packaging that displays what your new purchases are.

Going on Holiday?

Next on the list of our Christmas safety tips is aimed at those that will be going away over the festive period.

Thieves will look out for any sign that you’re not in, even if you have done your best to put timers on your lights and secure your home. To provide the impression that your home is still occupied, ensure that you arrange for any newspaper or milk delivery to be stopped to avoid these deliveries piling up. Further to this, ask a neighbour to park on your drive at frequent intervals during your time away.

We hope our Christmas safety tips have been of some help. If you are looking to update the security systems in your home, contact the team at Assegai Security today by calling 03301333300 or using our online contact form.